Elf City By Night | Epic Underscore Music for a Christmas story

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This is the first chapter of a Christmas Elf Story with a beautiful epic underscore. Good to begin your Holidays with. 

Chapter 1 – Meeting Nyna from the North.

The cold air bit at Ayens cheeks, causing him to pull his coat closer to him. He walked quickly across the snow covered path to the village tavern, The Sycamore. Hot air poured over him as he pulled the door open, stepping in. The winter was harsh, and the best solution that Ayen had found was hot cider. The elf working at the polished wood bar, Theoden, pulled a hammered metal mu from under the counter and began filling it with the fresh, hot cider that was simmering over a small fire. Ayen approached the barkeep, pausing momentarily to notice the group of villagers surrounding a female elf, who sat perched on a seat next to the hearth. He heard her quiet, lilting voice carry across the bar, but couldn’t make out the words she spoke. Theoden leaned over the bar toward Ayen, gesturing to the visiting elf.

“Her name is Nyna. She came in here a few hours ago from the north. The townsfolk have been pressing her for stories, and here we are. You should listen to some of them, it’s mad.” The towering elf said, sliding the mug into Ayens waiting hands. He nodded in thanks, and joined the small audience.

Nyna also held a mug of hot cider, which she took a sip of before continuing.  A golden chunk of her hair fell over her pointed ear. Thin fingers pushed it back. Ayen was reminded of Viessa, when she leaned over the well to look into it’s depths, years ago. The sudden memory threw him, and he pulled himself back to the tavern.

“-And then, that’s when I noticed it. There was a small little cottage, tucked under this old, massive hawthorne tree. Ivy leaves creep up the stone, almost obscuring it. That’s why I almost passed it, you see.” She paused, taking another drink, “So, of course, I take a few steps toward it. I didn’t realize this village was so close, so I thought it was really, really out of the way. The vines looked like they had pulled the house under; I honestly did not think anyone would live in it. But once I take a few steps toward the house, I catch this smell.” Her eyes closed, “It was the sweetest thing I have ever smelled. I can’t explain it. It was almost… ethereal in its loveliness. So then I focus on finding the smell, because that seemed most pressing,” Nyna looked over the audience, who mumbled in agreement, nodding along. She took another drink, then carried on, “I found a low stone wall, a little garden wall. And in the garden, there must have been hundreds of these….flowers.”

“Flowers?” An audience member quipped, “This is about flowers?”

“Don’t interrupt.” Said another. She nodded at Nyna to resume.

“Yes, flowers. But not just any flower. You see, these flowers, beside smelling so desirable, looked like the petals were cut from the night sky.” A low murmur ran through the spectators, “Each delicate, pointed petal held star’s, entire constellations. And each of these stars- they twinkled! Just like in the real sky! Like real stars!”

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